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Ascedia Unveils New Brand Identity

by Ascedia
April 30, 2019   1 minute read
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The move signifies our break from the agency classification and our reintroduction as a digital consultancy.

A Shift in Our Industry

For nearly 20 years, Ascedia has been the digital agency for B2B and B2C clients across a wide range of industries. Over time, though, we've seen a shift in the way other agencies are interacting with clients; digital services have become more commoditized and less personal. But we maintain our proven consultative approach of putting people first, resulting in high-touch user experiences for both clients and our clients’ customers.

“Our logo and website may have changed, but we haven’t,” says Mark Roller, Ascedia partner who led the rebranding effort. “The new website is now an accurate representation of what we’ve always stood for.”

New Website Features

The new website, completely built in HubSpot, features a fresh look and value-added resources for current clients and curious prospects. Highlights include:

  • Brand Identity – The new logo is a nod to Ascedia’s past and present. Like a tree, the downward points represent Ascedia’s roots while the upward points represent growth. Updated color palette, font, and white space also create a more modern look.
  • Detailed services overview – A full breakdown of our services helps point prospects and clients in the right direction and inspire what’s possible.
  • Case studies and Insights pages – Insights on best practices, tips and tricks, and new software updates to keep readers ahead of the digital curve

“As digital consultants, our value goes beyond ‘the work’ or the output,” says Dan Early, Ascedia CEO. “We become an extension of each client’s business and help them intersect their technology, marketing and sales functions to build a powerful digital presence.”

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Partner?

To Ascedia, the difference between scalable solutions versus one-off projects is key. “We create user experiences based on consumer research, data and strategy, and we build long-term technology solutions for the future,” says Nick Rudich, Ascedia Executive Director.

Ascedia’s new branding advances the conversation on what clients should truly expect out of their digital partners.

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Ascedia Unveils New Brand Identity

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