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2018 Planning: Embrace Your Budget

by Ascedia - October 11, 2017 - 2 minute read

If you are planning on working with a digital marketing agency to achieve your 2018 marketing objectives, that agency is going to ask you a number of questions (likely starting with these 18). One question in particular can often seem intrusive and greedy: What is your budget?

This question isn’t about how much money your agency can make from your company – it’s important to us because when we know the full scope of your marketing budget, it gives us the necessary parameters to provide you with a realistic strategic recommendation, which you (the client) will need to determine your next steps. Yep, the budget question helps us help you (yep, that’s a Jerry Maguire reference).

There are many ways to develop and execute the components of a digital marketing strategy, and in all honesty, there are endless opportunities for what can be done. Without a budget, an agency could go down a path that requires dollars that you are unable (or unwilling) to spend, which could leave a bad taste in your mouth when they present a strategic plan that’s far outside of your available funds. Alternatively, if a budget (or budget range) is provided, your agency can develop realistic recommendations that align with that budget.

For example, if you are looking to engage an agency to support your 2018 digital marketing planning, providing a budget range along with your top goals gives the agency the parameters to develop an appropriate plan. If you are looking to launch a new website, a budget range enables your digital agency to determine an appropriate CMS, decide whether a phased approach is necessary, evaluate whether all of your must-have features are realistic for phase one. If they aren’t, a good agency will let you know and explain why.

So when your agency asks about money, don’t shy away from answering honestly. Embrace the discussion and be up front about what you can and cannot do! Transparency around budget will help your digital partner support you better and provide you with recommendations that align with your needs. If you are looking for a partner to help you get the most from your digital marketing budget, contact Ascedia – we’d be happy to chat with you!

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