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Sick of Spreadsheets? Let's Get Visual with Data Studio

by Ascedia - March 8, 2017 - 2 minute read

This February, Google announced that it was making its Data Studio product free for all! With that news, you are either jumping for joy or asking yourself “what the heck is a data studio?”

Gain Insights by Manipulating Data Visually

The Google Data Studio helps turn your data into streamlined and digestible visualizations. By connecting with various data sources, all of your dimensions and metrics flow through into one reporting system. Instead of being limited to raw hard-to-format data and complex formats, the Data Studio allows you to clean, segment and compare data points across different systems in real time. 

Each report can be fully customized and reused for future use. Plus, the data is dynamic, which means your dashboard will be automatically updated in real time. (Yes, that means you can say goodbye to monthly data pulls!)

Socialize Analytics

Similar to other Google products, the Data Studio is great for collaboration too. Colleagues can edit, view or add comments in one collective space. Users are granted different levels of access, so share it across your team or across the company.

Worried that you are not “creative” enough to make the jump from cells and columns to colored charts and graphs? The Data Studio understands that fear and offers a handy library of visualizations and templates to get you started. 

For Instance

Here is an example of a fun and easy report we like to share in-house: 

It's Worth Giving Google Data Studio a Try

  • Combine data from multiple sources including Google Analytics, Adwords, YouTube, Search Counsel, Google Sheets, custom SQL connections and more.
  • There are built-in calculated metrics and custom functions for analysis
  • Dynamic filters and controls dynamically change the data, allowing you to dig deeper into specific regions, dates, and more.
  • Get a huge array of out-of-box visualizations including pie charts, scorecards, geo-maps and others
  • See your data in the way that makes the most sense to you.
  • Each report becomes your own with logos, change the color palate, etc.
  • Real-time collaboration and sharing, grant different levels of access to different viewers.
  • The best part: It’s free!


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