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5 Health Checks For Your Digital Brand

by Ascedia - May 17, 2017 - 2 minute read

At the speed of digital, your online presence can start deteriorating quickly if you don’t stay on top of it. Here are some quick health checks to get a sense of how your brand is functioning online:

1. Do You Know Your Domain Authority?

You should! Domain authority is a score on a 1-100 logarithmic scale given to every domain that rates its power based on domain age, site popularity and content. This score indicates how well a domain will rank in search engines. Check your domain score at Moz and be sure to check your competition’s score for comparison.  If you find your competition has a higher domain authority than your site, it’s time to work with your digital marketing team to improve your site’s link profile and start investing in improving your content strategy.

2. What's Your Competition Up To?

We don’t always want to admit it but our customers are always exposed to what our competition is doing. It’s important to visit competitor websites to see not only what advances they are making in their products but also what services they’re offering on their website to connect with customers. Do they have a live chat function? Do they have a product configurator? Do they have industry white papers? These features can set your brand apart from the competition.

3. What Is Your Audience Into Today?

Do your customers tend to buy the newest devices? Are they engaged in a new social media platform? These nuances may seem external to your brand’s relationship with your customers, but they do have an impact on their overall brand experience. Snapchat may not be a popular medium in your particular industry but it might be where your audience is, and the platform could offer a perfect opportunity to get your brand in front of them. Always check in with your audience to understand what they’re up to and how their digital habits are evolving. 

4. Are You Constantly A/B Testing Your Ads?

Always Be Testing! A simple change to word order or the image in your ad could drive your conversions to new heights so it’s important to continually test different ad copy and creative. Always have at least two ads competing with each other to get the best results. Ad servers will promote the better performing ad over a low performing ad so the risk to your ad budget is minimal. When it’s clear one ad is performing better than another, pause the low performer and write another test.

5. Are External Websites Referencing Your Brand Accurately?

A clean link profile can skyrocket a brand’s digital success. The domains that link to your site drive traffic and inform search engines what your content relates to.  Check which websites are linking to your domain and ensure they are relevant. Check which pages they link to – this is typically the home page, but if there is a better page they could link to, reach out to the domain and ask them to update the link to provide a more relevant user experience to those clicking it. 


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