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Kentico EMS: Best of Both Marketing Automation and CMS

by Ascedia - May 23, 2018 - 2 minute read

With an overwhelming amount of specialized microservices available for your company's marketing needs, it's hard to identify whether you are using the right ones and getting the best bang for your buck. Between hefty license fees and the overhead associated with learning, navigating, and managing separate third-party tools, time and money can easily be wasted.

Having all of your marketing tools within a single interface can eliminate these challenges.

This is exactly what the Kentico EMS was built to do.

Rather than using separate tools for each specialized sales and marketing need, Kentico EMS consolidates all of the third-party tools you need to create campaigns, forms, newsletters, and more into the back end of your content management system (CMS). The system is capable of all essential functions, from personalizing site content to marketing automation.

Features of the Kentico EMS Include:

  • Content Personalization & Segmentation
  • Persona Generation
  • Lead Scoring & Engagement Scoring
  • Web Analytics
  • A/B Testing & Multivariate Testing
  • Campaign & Conversion Management
  • Contact Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation

Don’t Lose Sight of the Big Picture.

Why is the consolidation of these functions so important? Because it allows you to keep all of your data connected! With the ability to manage complex campaigns, nurture leads, and analyze data within a single interface (and under a single license fee), it's much easier to maintain your overall strategy and progress. When using multiple marketing tools that may not all relate to each other or integrate appropriately, the original goals and continuity of your project can be lost.

Piecing together important information across different systems can be extremely time-consuming and result in error. Think about all the extra time that could instead be put towards managing your campaigns!

In summary, having an all-in-one system like the Kentico EMS means:

  • You pay a one-time cost versus multiple monthly expenditures for microservices.
  • You eliminate a complicated technology ecosystem.
  • Making changes to your website and marketing strategy is easy!
  • All of your data is connected and tied back to your website directly.
  • Training and management is required for one system only.

Whether you're starting the planning process for a website redesign or you are already using Kentico CMS, contact our team of experts today to discuss how the Kentico EMS could add value to your business. As a certified partner, we're here to help!

Interested in seeing the Kentico EMS in action? Then check out the Carroll University case study. This website won the 2017 Kentico Site of the Year in the Best Education and Career site category.

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